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Annual Evaluation Calendar for Visiting and Adjunct Faculty

View the Annual and Merit Evaluation Calendar for Visiting and Adjunct Faculty PDF version.

February: Visiting and adjunct faculty members who have received written annual evaluations for a minimum of three consecutive years may request, in writing to their chair, that the rating received under their most recent full performance evaluation stand.

Chair provides dean with list of faculty for whom s/he expects to allow previous performance evaluations to stand.  Chair or dean may require that a faculty member undergo a full evaluation in any given year.

February 21: In the case of requests that a previous evaluation stand, the chair provides, in writing, approval of such request or denial of request with a brief explanation why a full evaluation will be conducted.

March 1: Faculty members undergoing a full performance evaluation submit materials, as outlined in Faculty/Administration Manual, Provost’s memo dated April 30, 2015, and any departmental or school guidelines. 

Faculty members for whom a previous annual evaluation will stand provide Chair an updated curriculum vitae and any further information that is appropriate.

By April 15: Chair provides annual evaluation to Dean for review.

By April 30: Chair or Dean of Libraries conducts interview with faculty member, if appropriate. 

Chair or Dean of Libraries provides faculty member with a signed and dated annual evaluation.

Within 10 working days of provision of written annual evaluation: An adjunct or visiting faculty member wishing to appeal an annual evaluation and unable to reach a resolution with the Chair may appeal to the Dean by submitting a written request for an appeal hearing within 10 working days of provision of the written evaluation.

By May 15: Chair provides annual evaluation, signed by Chair and faculty member, to Dean for final review and signature.

ǂ When any date falls on the weekend, the deadline will be the next business day after that date.