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Sabbatical Leave Calendar

View the Sabbatical Leave Calendar PDF version. 

September 15:           

Sabbatical leave information sent to faculty.

October 24:  

Sabbatical requests due to Chairs.

November 14:

Chairs submit sabbatical requests, including a ranking of all proposals with comments, to Deans for distribution to Academic Affairs and School Reviewing Committees.

November 21:

Deans should send one copy of each proposal to Academic Affairs

December 20:

School Reviewing Committee submits evaluations of proposals to Deans.

January 15:

Deans submit ranked recommendations, with comments, to Provost.

February 15:

Provost consults with President and notifies tenured faculty of sabbatical leave decisions.

March 15:

Provost notifies those faculty members under tenure review of sabbatical leave decisions.

Within two weeks of notification

Applicant submits signed sabbatical agreement or notifies Provost in writing that sabbatical will not be taken.

Within 2 months of return from sabbatical:

Faculty member submits final report including product.

Within two semesters after returning from sabbatical leave:

Faculty member presents results of the leave to an audience at the College of Charleston.