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General Education Assessment

General Education Requirements

College of Charleston students must fulfill the general education requirements in effect at the time of their matriculation at the College of Charleston.  Matriculation is defined as the first term of degree seeking enrollment or first term of readmission at the College. The general education requirements catalog year remains fixed during the period of time a student is continuously enrolled. Students may visit to review the current general education requirements.  

General Education Program Mission Statement: The Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education requirement serves all students, regardless of major, and assures that students are exposed to a breadth of intellectual inquiry distributed across seven areas of the curriculum: History, Humanities, Mathematics and/or Logic, Foreign Language, Natural Science, Social Science, and Writing.  The College’s mission and institutional identity as a public liberal arts and sciences university informs the rationale for general education. While the work in the major of their choice will give students specialized knowledge and skills in that discipline or profession, The College’s core curriculum will equip each student, regardless of major, with crucial intellectual skills in analysis, research, and communication.

For more information, please contact Dr. Gioconda Quesada, Faculty Coordinator for General Education.