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Faculty Affiliates (Courtesy Appointments)

The major purpose of making courtesy faculty appointments is to stimulate interaction between the appointee and the students and faculty of the College. This interaction could take the form of teaching, advising, research, and/or service. Courtesy faculty appointments may be offered to persons who visit the College of Charleston from other institutions or work outside the College and who contribute without compensation to a Department, School, or Program. The individual is given the title of Faculty Affiliate, unless some other title is approved by the Provost (e.g., Research Scientist, Executive in Residence, Scholar in Residence, Courtesy Associate Professor of International Studies). Courtesy faculty appointments are normally made for three years and should typically be aligned with the academic calendar. Persons with courtesy faculty appointments receive neither salaries nor benefits from the College for the completion of any tasks associated with their courtesy appointments. 

For more information, please read the Courtesy Faculty Appointment Policy (.PDF).

Step 1: Before Sending the Documents

» For prospective appointees who will not be serving as an Instructor of Record, please request a current CV or resume and a letter of interest, and please continue to Step 2.

» For appointees who will be serving as an Instructor of Record (including supervision of theses or independent projects), please request a current CV, official graduate transcript(s), and a letter of interest. 

Step 2: Documents to Send

Forward the recommendations for courtesy appointments, delineating the terms of the appointment, to the Provost, with a copy to the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs and Attach the following documents. 


For ALL courtesy faculty:

CV or Resume

A current CV or resume must be submitted to the Chair/Director/Dean and the Provost

Letter of Interest

A letter of interest indicating how they would contribute to the Department or School or Program must be submitted to the Chair/Director/Dean

Recommendation from the Chair/Director and Dean

Chair/Director/Dean should forward a written recommendations for the courtesy appointment, delineating the terms of the appointment, to the Provost (copy


Only for courtesy faculty who will be serving as an Instructor of Record:

Credentials Form

To be submitted by the academic program director (Chair or Program Director). Complete all fields as instructed on the form(s). Only ONE discipline may be listed per certification form. Use the transcript(s) to complete the degree information verbatim. Please visit Instructor of Record Credentials for credentials requirements.

Submit the Certification of Credentials Form


Official transcript(s) of the highest degree earned and/or other pertinent degrees for credentialing the faculty member in the teaching discipline(s) are required. The CofC recipient must sign and date on the transcript upon receipt to indicate that the document was received directly from the granting institution via mail, a secured electronic delivery system, or a sealed envelope from the prospective faculty member. (For foreign transcripts, submit official U.S. Equivalency Evaluation. See Faculty Credentials for Non-U.S. Degrees for details.)

Instructor of Record Appointment

Submit a Zero-Pay Adjunct Appointment form (for new faculty) or a Zero-Pay Teaching Effort via MyCharleston (for returning faculty with a CWID)

Step 3: Appointment Letter Sent

Upon approval, the Provost will send a letter of the appointment to the individual, with copies provided to the appropriate Dean, the Department Chair or Program Director, and other relevant administrators. Enclosed in the letter is the Background Check and Personal Data Sheet

Step 4: Appointment Accepted

The individual should return a signed appointment letter and the Background Check to the Office of the Provost. The Background Check and Personal Data Sheet are forwarded to the Office of Human Resources. All courtesy appointments are subject to completion of employee background checks, consistent with College Policy 9.2.1. 

Individuals given courtesy faculty appointments may, for the period of appointment:

  • Be issued a College ID card;
  • Be given library privileges;
  • Be provided with a College email account;
  • Have the courtesy faculty appointment recognized at appropriate College websites and in other published materials
  • Be given the opportunity to purchase a parking permit for a designated College parking lot or parking garage, consistent with other applicable policies or procedures of the College

Individuals requesting College identification cards, library privileges, or email accounts must complete a Personal Data Sheet. Individuals serving as Instructors of Record may also be assigned to their courses after the ZP appointment/Teaching Effort and credentials have been approved. New affilates processed on the paper ZP appointment form will need to sign the paper form, and returning ZP appointees will receive notification from the Teaching Effort system via email (and do not have to sign a paper form). 

Questions? Please contact Cathy Peebles ( in the Office of the Provost.