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Teaching Assistants

Academic program directors (department chairs or program directors) are responsible for ensuring that at least one Instructor of Record (IR) is assigned to each credit-bearing course section in their departments and/or programs by the start date of the academic term and that all individuals contributing to instruction for each course (whether an Instructor of Record or Non-Instructor of Record) are listed on each credit-bearing course section. In limited cases, roster or adjunct faculty members may be appointed as an NIR for undergraduate courses and, in exceptional cases, appointed to assist as an NIR on graduate courses. All NIRs must be assigned a supervising IR for each course being taught.  The IR must be appropriately credentialed for the course, and there must be an NIR-IR Agreement on file for each section each academic term. Each academic unit has the responsibility to ensure that IR and NIR's faculty credentials satisfy the College's credentials standards. Please see the Instructor of Record and Faculty Credentials Policy for details about the requirements. For each non-instructor of record, please ensure that a credentials packet is on file using the guidelines provided below. 

Step 1: Before Sending the Documents

» For Teaching Assistants who will serve as the Instructors of Record (TA-IRs), please follow the requirements outlined on the Instructors of Record page. 

» For Teaching Assistants who will serve as the Non-Instructor of Record (TA-NIRs), please request a transcript from the Registrar's Office and complete the NIR certification form. Please also have the IR and NIR complete an IR-NIR Agreement. Please note that the certification form is only to be submitted upon initial appointment, and the IR-NIR Agreement must be submitted each academic term. 

Step 2: Documents to Send (for TA-NIRs)

Please obtain signatures from the academic program director and dean before submitting the credentials packet to the Office of the Provost.


For all Teaching Assistant Non-Instructors of Record:

Certification Form(s)

To be submitted by the academic program director (Chair or Program Director) upon initial appointment. Complete all fields as instructed on the form(s). Only ONE discipline may be listed per certification form. Use the transcript(s) to complete the degree information verbatim.

 NIR Certification of Credentials - Undergraduate Courses Form (.PDF) AND/OR

 NIR Certification of Credentials - Graduate Courses Form (.PDF)


IR-NIR Agreement Form

To be submitted each term for all courses taught. Complete all fields as instructed on the form and obtain the signatures of the IR and NIR. 

 Instructor of Record/Non-Instructor of Record (IR-NIR) Agreement (PDF)

College of Charleston Transcript

Please contact the College of Charleston Registrar's Office to request that an official transcript be sent directly to the academic program director or designee. Email Lisa Waller ( and include the student's CWID and name. If you would like assistance, the Office of the Provost will contact the RO on your behalf upon receipt of the credentials packet. 

Transcripts from the student's undergraduate institution are not required.