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Faculty Policies & Procedures

Divisional policies and procedures for faculty and unclassified administrators are provided below. Please also see the relevant section in the Faculty/Administration Manual (FAM) and visit the College Policy website at to view institutional policies. A reference list of the faculty and unclassified administrators policies is included in each section below. Please use the table of contents in the FAM to navigate to a selected section.

Faculty/Administration Manual (FAM)

Faculty/Administration Manual (PDF)

Logs of previous changes to the FAM

Faculty Appointments, Credentials, Terms, & Records


New Faculty Information (Orientation & Resources)

Contracts of Untenured Faculty (FAM V.B) 
Reduction in Force for Faculty (FAM VII.D) 
Probationary Appointments for Tenure-track Faculty (FAM V.D) 
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policies (FAM V.A) 

Courtesy Faculty Appointments (FAM III.E)
Divisional Policy on Courtesy Appointments

Emeriti Faculty Appointments (FAM III.F) 
Retirement Teaching Policy (PDF)
Retiree Compensation (PDF)

Academic Program Directors Policy and Credential Standards


Faculty Credentials Information 

Faculty Records (FAM V.C) 
Terms of Faculty Employment and Workload (FAM V.F) 
Outside Employment of Faculty (FAM V.G) 

Faculty Activity System (FAS): Our faculty activity reporting tool, used to used to record faculty teaching, research, publication, presentations, awards, creative and service activities and accomplishments; generate faculty CVs; and generate other faculty activity reports that can be provided to directors, deans and the Provost's office. Click the FAS link provided on MyCharleston, and use your Cougars login and password for secure portal access. For more information or to schedule a FAS training session, please contact the College’s System Administrator: Anastasia Gilpatrick, Faculty Activity System Project Manager (

Faculty Evaluations, Reviews, Tenure, and Promotions


Annual Evaluation of Instructional and Library Faculty (FAM VI.E) 
Merit Categories and Salary Increases (FAM VI.F) 
Evaluation of Unclassified Administrators (first part of FAM V.E) 
Roster Faculty - Annual and Merit Evaluation Calendar (.PDF)
Merit Evaluation Categories (.PDF)

Adjunct and Visiting Faculty Evaluations Policy (.PDF)
Adjunct and Visiting  Faculty Evaluations Calendar (.PDF)


Third-year Review, Tenure and Promotion of Instructional Faculty (FAM VI.A) 
Promotion of Instructors (FAM VI.B) 
Third-year Review, Tenure and Promotion of Library Faculty (FAM VI.C) 
Procedures for Third-year Evaluation, Tenure and Promotion of Instructional and Library Faculty (FAM VI.D) 

T&P Joint Memo on Tenure, Promotion and Third-Year Evaluation Procedures (.PDF)
T&P Informational PowerPoint (.PPT)
T&P Calendar

T&P SharePoint Site: In the address bar at the top, copy and paste this address, but then replace "DEPT" in this web address with your department or program's four letter acronym:

Helpful tips: 
How to merge multiple PDFs into one for your online packets if your Adobe software cannot (note: the file size limitation on Sharepoint is 50MB)
How to request remote connections to access your Sharepoint site off-campus
How to make data request to IRPIM to access course-instructor evaluation data (for candidate's summary table) or recent alumni lists (for panel chair's Recent Graduate Surveys)


Post Tenure Review (FAM VI.H) 
PTR Calendar

PTR Instructions for Constructing Online Packets (.PDF) 
PTR Chair's Checklist (fillable PDF version of Page 6)
PTR Deferral Request (.PDF) 

PTR SharePoint Site: Copy and paste this address into the browser, but then replace "DEPT" in this web address with your department's four letter acronym:

Helpful tips:
How to merge multiple PDFs into one for your online packets
How to request remote connections to access your Sharepoint site off-campus


Modification of Duties (FAM V.J)
Modification of Duties Procedure (.PDF) 
Modified Duties Semester Form (.DOC)

Tenure Clock Modifications (FAM VI.G) 
Tenure Clock Policy (PDF)

Faculty Conduct

Code of Professional Conduct and Statement of Professional Ethics (FAM IV.B) 
Statement of Academic Freedom (FAM IV.C) 
Faculty Responsibilities to Students, including Religious Accommodation (FAM VIII.A) 
Consensual Relations Policy (FAM IV.D)  and Consensual Relations Policy (PDF) 
Policy for Misconduct in Research and Scholarship (FAM VII.E) 
Procedures for Misconduct in Research and Scholarship (FAM VII.F) 
Nepotism (FAM V.H) 
Policy Governing Termination (FAM VII.A) 
Dismissal of Unclassified Administrators (second paragraph/section of FAM V.E) 
Grievance Procedures for Unclassified Administrators and Faculty Members Grieving Matters related to Administrative Appointments (third part of FAM V.E) 

Faculty Leave & Sabbaticals

Sick Leave (FAM X.A.1) 
Leave of Absence (FAM X.A.2) 
Family and Medical Leave (FAM X.A.3) 
Modified duties for faculty who will become new parents
Annual Leave (FAM X.A.4) 
Leave with Pay (FAM X.A.5) 


Sabbatical Leave (FAM X.A.6) 
Sabbatical Calendar
Sabbatical Leave Policy (.PDF)

Sample Sabbatical Proposals:

Faculty Research and Development

Faculty Research and Professional Development Information and Resources
Adjunct Faculty Development Funding Authorization and Transfer of Funds forms
Staff Professional Development and Staff Training Program (PDF)

Faculty Travel & Other Expenses

Travel Policy (.PDF)
Travel Forms

Policy Affecting Travel and Entertainment (FAM X.C) 

Reimbursement for Approved Expenditures by Faculty Members and Administrators (FAM X.D) 
Purchases by Faculty and Staff (FAM X.E) 
Legal Assistance (FAM X.F) 

Adjunct Faculty Policies & Procedures

Adjunct Appointments
Adjunct Healthcare Eligilibility Information (ACA)
Adjunct Faculty Development Funding Authorization and Transfer of Funds forms
Adjunct and Visiting Faculty Evaluations Policy (.PDF)

Teaching, Attendance, and Student Services

Faculty Teaching Information (Resources, Academic Policies, Services to Students, etc)

Course Numbering 
Course Syllabi 

Statement on Religious Accommodation for Students (PDF)

Attendance Verification Policy

Teaching Assistants

Additional Policies

Substantive Change 
Policy on Creation, Reorganization, and Elimination of Academic Units 
Faculty Overload Policy (.PDF)
Summer School Payment Policy (.PDF)
Request for Approval of Outside Employment (PDF) (and reference the FAM Section 7.1.10 Outside Employment of Faculty (FAM V.G))
Human Resources Policies and Forms
College of Charleston Policy Website (additional college-wide policies)