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Faculty Affairs:

Faculty/Administration Manual and the FAM archives 

Faculty Policies & Procedures 

Faculty Calendars 

Faculty Recruitment 

Adjunct Faculty Appointments & Teaching Efforts 

Affiliate (Courtesy) Faculty Appointments

Academic Program Directors

Faculty Credentials

Faculty Research, Development, and Service 

Attendance Verification and Grading 

New Faculty Information, including Faculty Orientation

Faculty General Information 

Faculty Awards

Additional questions about faculty affairs may be directed to the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, Dr. Deanna Caveny.

Curricular Affairs:


Curriculum and Program Proposals 

General Education 

Distance Education

International Education and the Policy on Graduate Enrollment in Study Abroad

Non-Credit Programs 

Undergraduate Degree Information 

Graduate Degree and Certificate Information 

Policy on Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Policy on Posthumous Degrees

Attendance Verification and Grading 

Dual Enrollment High School Programs 

Additional questions about curricular affairs may be directed to the Associate Provost for Curricular Affairs and Institutional Resources, Dr. Lynn Cherry.

Institutional Resources:

Classroom Information

Policy on Creation of New Site Codes and Classrooms

Additional questions about institutional resources may be directed to the Associate Provost for Curricular Affairs and Institutional Resources, Dr. Lynn Cherry.

Staff/Employee Affairs:

Academic Affairs' Temporary Staff Appointment Forms 

CofC Privacy Policy

Human Resources Policies and Human Resources Forms

Staff Professional Development 

Staff Awards and Excel Awards

Banner Access to Finance Data (including Chart of Accounts Maintenance Request FormBanner Finance Access FormIndex/FOP Access Form

Banner Access to Student Data (for access to Accounts Receivable, Faculty Teaching Load, Financial Aid, Graduate Admissions, Undergraduate Admissions, and/or Student Records data)

Additional questions about employee affairs may be directed to the Office of Human Resources. 

Other Academic Affairs Policies, Procedures, and Instructional Memoranda

Council of Deans Policy
Creation, Revision, Publication, and Deactivation of Divisional Policies and Individual School and Unit Policies in Academic Affairs (memo)
Naming Opportunities on Campus (buildings and programs) (memo)
Institutional Definition for Research and Community/Public Service (memo)
ORGA Policies related to Faculty Research and Divisional Policy on Biosafety
Advertising, Policy Management, and Withdrawal of the Graduate Handbook (memo)

Other College Policies

Board of Trustees Policies

Business, Financial and Accounting Policies

Communications, Marketing and Branding Policies

Development and Fundraising Policies

Facility and Event Management Policies

Health, Safety and Law Enforcement Policies

Human Resources/Human Relations Policies

Information Technology Policies

Access to and Retention of Records Policies

Student Policies

CofC Handbooks