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Adjunct Faculty Appointments/Teaching Efforts

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The following is information for the administrative staff and faculty regarding adjunct faculty appointments for teaching duties, staff pay for teaching duties, and roster faculty overload pay for teaching duties. The College of Charleston uses two different forms to process payment for faculty members' teaching efforts: paper and online. Please reference the biannaul memorandum on adjunct faculty appointments for detailed information about each term's adjunct payscale, dates, deadlines, etc. 

View: Fall 2018 Adjunct Faculty Appointment Information (Biannual Memo) 

Which form do I use?

  • For new adjunct faculty, paper forms are used to process the new appointment because an Employee CWID is not yet available to use the online form. 
  • For returning adjunct faculty and faculty with existing CWIDs, the online Teaching Effort (TE) form is used.
  • For staff with teaching duties and existing roster faculty that are requesting additional pay for a teaching duty, the online Teaching Effort form is used. 

Fall 2018

Adjunct faculty appointments for the Fall 2018 semester may now be initiated. Please submit all adjunct appointments and credentials by August 7 or sooner. This deadline gives the College six working days to process all appointments, credentials, employee paperwork, I-9 IDs, payroll, healthcare eligibility/election information, course assignments, etc. prior to the start date. Meeting this deadline will help ensure adjuncts are paid and assigned to courses on time and is important to ensure timely coverage for eligible adjuncts who elect health insurance.

Adjunct faculty will receive their first paycheck by September 15, 2018 IF the adjunct appointment and all necessary paperwork have been processed by HR on or before established deadlines. Employment verification processes (for new adjuncts and those with a substantial lapse in employment) must be completed in person, and Federal rules stipulate that verification of eligibility to work must be completed by HR within three working days of the first day of employment. Penalties for non-compliance can be significant.

Pay Scale

On each appointment, please specify the correct Budget Index Number and pay amount using the following pay scale.*

Pay Scale*

Based on three-credit-hour courses


Without a Ph.D./terminal degree

With Ph.D./terminal degree

1 course/ 3 credit hours

$  2,800

$ 2,900

2 courses/ 6 credit hours

$  5,600

$ 5,800

3 courses/ 9 credit hours

$  9,900

$ 9,900

4 courses/12 credit hours



IMPORTANT NOTE: All exceptions to normal pay rates for adjuncts should be approved before the offer is made to the adjunct; this approval should be noted on the appointment form or Teaching Effort form in the COMMENTS section.

* The Retiree rate, for their first two courses, is 7.5% of the last nine-month base salary.

* The rate for roster faculty teaching a course for the Bachelor of Professional Studies, as an overload, is $6,000.

* In accordance with our Faculty Overload Policy, the rate for other roster faculty overload teaching is the single-course rate for full-time adjuncts, which is currently $3,550. 

*For returning zero pay adjuncts, enter “$0.00” on the Teaching Effort. For new zero pay adjuncts, use the Zero Pay Adjunct Teaching Form which specifies $0 as the pay amount.


Appointment Dates

On each appointment, please include the correct start and end dates based on the table below. Please note that classes start on August 21, 2018, but the start date is adjusted to allow time for course preparation. All new adjuncts (or previously terminated faculty who HR needs to re-verify) must submit employment paperwork and report to HR by August 14, 2018 or sooner, or they will not be permitted to start work on the scheduled date. New adjunct faculty who would like to be paid for participation in orientation must complete their paperwork on or before orientation. 

Adjunct Faculty Appointment Dates*


Appointment Start Date

Appointment End Date

Fall Full Term

August 14, 2018

December 17, 2018

Fall Express I

August 14, 2018

October 15, 2018

Fall Express II

October 3, 2018

December 17, 2018


*If you need to use different starting/ending dates because of a late adjunct appointment or for some other reason, please include those specific dates on the adjunct appointment or Teaching Effort form. Please use the COMMENTS section, as needed.


For RETURNING Adjunct Faculty - Please complete the following steps: 

1. Appointment: Submit an online Teaching Effort form. Go to MyCharleston’s “Forms” tab to complete the Teaching Effort form. Please note that returning adjuncts marked “terminated” in Banner should be processed via Teaching Effort and may need to file additional paperwork with HR. Teaching Effort instructions are on our website. (For returning zero pay faculty, please enter "0" on the form, and if a courtesy appointment was issued and needs to be renewed, submit the signed courtesy appointment renewal letter per the Policy.) 

  • INITIATE: Initiator's Procedures (.PDF) - Department/Program administrative assistants initiate the Teaching Effort web form. 
      1. Initiators log in to MyCharleston > click My Forms tab
      2. Choose the appropriate Teaching Effort web form.
      3. Complete the online form (add comments for special dates or instructions).
      4. Click Submit. This information will be electronically sent to the approval personnel within the requested program/department via Banner Workflow.
  • APPROVALS:Approver's Procedures (.PDF) - Approvers review the Teaching Effort request and move it along the approval chain. 
      1. Approvers automatically receive email notification when a new request is submitted.
      2. Approvers log in to MyCharleston > click My Workflow tab.
      3. Choose the appropriate Teaching Effort request and Open Workflow.
      4. Indicate approval decision and click Complete (add comments if not approved).
  • COMPLETED: Teaching Effort request is sent along the approval chain and is approved or not approved with comments.
      1. Initiators receive email notification when the Teaching Effort request is sent to approvers and when it is reviewed and approved.
      2. The final stop is the Human Resources office. Finalized documents will be available for viewing in BDMS by department chairs and those department administrative assistants with proper BDMS access.
  • OPTIONAL: Check on the status of a pending TE
      1. Go to MyCharleston’s My Workflow tab. Click  COFC_TE_STATUS.
      2. Enter the CWID and term date (ex: 201810). Leave Workflow Specifics Name blank.
      3. Click the Start Workflow button and wait. You will receive an email with the status within a few minutes. The emailed status report will show which offices have approved the Teaching Effort form and whether it is complete. Once completed, it will say, “WF Completed: YES.” A digital copy is automatically saved in BDMS.

2. Credentials: Credentials should already be on file with the Office of the Provost. If the adjunct is teaching in a new discipline or needs new alternative qualifications approved in order to teach a course, submit new credentials materials to the dean. Credential instructions are on our website.

3. Employee Paperwork for HR: Employee paperwork should already be on file in HR. If the adjunct has changes or questions, they should contact HR.  Also, eligible adjuncts will be notified if they are eligible for health insurance. Employee paperwork and healthcare information, including the form to request Review of Healthcare Coverage Eligibility Decision, are on the HR website.

NOTE: Adjunct faculty colleagues who have recently worked for us will not be required to go to Human Resources to sign their adjunct appointment form.  Instead, they will be informed via email that the appointment has been approved.  The email will include the department and the total pay for that appointment, and it will be sent to the adjunct and the initiator of the TE form.  That same approach will also be used for the small number of current roster faculty members who are receiving additional pay for overload instructional assignments consistent with our overload policy. 


For NEW Adjunct Faculty - Please complete the following steps:

1. Appointment: Submit a paper Adjunct Faculty Appointment Form (to the dean) for new adjunct faculty who do not have a CWID and who have not previously taught at the College. Once the form is fully approved, HR will contact the department to have the adjunct appear in HR to complete paperwork. (For new affiliate adjunct faculty appointments (ex: joint program and zero-pay faculty), use the paper Zero Pay Adjunct Faculty Appointment Form and if applicable, a signed courtesy appointment letter per the Affiliate Faculty Policy.)

2. Credentials: Submit a full credentials packet, including a complete Certification of Credentials form, official transcript, and CV to the dean. Credential instructions are on our website.

3. Employee Paperwork for HR: Employee paperwork must be submitted to HR. When notified, they must appear in person in HR (Lightsey Center basement 036-B) to complete the I-9 Federal Employment Eligibility Verification form. Please remind them to bring I-9 form(s) of identification (ex: driver’s license + Social Security card OR just a current US passport).  Direct deposit is required and payroll deduction for parking permits is available to adjuncts. Also, adjuncts will be notified if they are eligible for health insurance.  Employee paperwork and healthcare information, including the form to request Review of Healthcare Coverage Eligibility Decision, are on the HR website.

NOTE:  Paper forms will not be accepted for returning faculty. All faculty with CWIDs should be appointed via Teaching Effort if possible. Former faculty who have not taught in several years and are marked "terminated" in Banner may now be processed in the Workflow if s/he already has a CWID. After the Teaching Effort is submitted, you will receive an automated message reminding you that the individual may need to report to Human Resources to resubmit any necessary expired forms or present I-9 documentation again. Also if a new discipline is being taught for the first time, you may be asked by Academic Affairs to submit additional credentials applicable to that discipline. Teaching Efforts are also used for staff and roster faculty requesting additional pay for teaching duties (FKA "Add-Pays" to compensate current roster faculty or staff for additional teaching duties). If applicable, use "Dual Employment pay" code on the Teaching Effort menu for staff with dual employment at the College.

Required steps before any adjunct is activated, assigned to courses, and paid:

  1. Become an active Employee in Banner: After HR processes the approved appointment (Step A) and complete set of employee paperwork (Step C), they can activate the employee in Banner.
  2. Set up CWID, email, payroll, and the “Faculty” tab in MyCharleston: Next, IT notifies the department/program via email that the CWID, email account, and MyCharleston login are ready, and Business Affairs prepares payroll information. Simultaneously, the Office of the Provost reviews credentials, but faculty access for adjuncts with approved credentials cannot be given until after HR and IT have activated the adjunct.
  3. Be assigned course(s): Once parts 1 and 2 are complete, the Faculty tab and OAKS access will become available to the faculty member and the adjunct may be assigned to courses. The supervisor/ assistant should share the login instructions with the adjunct. The deadline for assigning the faculty member to the course is the first day of class. Contact the RO for questions about scheduling (
  4. Login, set up CougarAlerts, and complete online trainings: Please be sure to forward or share the login information with new faculty members once IT notifies the department/program that the Cougars domain account and email have been created. The regular initial password is [The password information has been removed from the online version of this memo. Please refer to the email or contact us.] It is also a requirement for new faculty to set up CougarAlerts and to complete the required online trainings and quizzes found at Attendance at New Faculty Orientation is also highly recommended.

Please communicate with adjuncts about all required paperwork and credentials well before the start of the semester. All adjunct appointments and credentials packets are due by August 7, 2018.  Initiating forms prior to this deadline will allow time for each approver to review. To check on the status of a pending appointment, please check online or with your Dean’s Office, rather than contacting HR, BA, or AA directly. Please direct all new adjuncts to the New Faculty website to learn about orientation and other important on-boarding information and requirements (


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 953-5527 or