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Faculty Research

The Value of Faculty Research

Ongoing faculty research benefits students, the College of Charleston, and society, as well as the individual scholar. When they are engaged in research, our faculty model for our students the excitement of continuous learning.

Today's students need to understand not only the methodology of the learning approach to problem solving, but also the personal fulfillment (and the joy) that comes with it. Students at the College work closely with our faculty, learning through their research the discovery process used to generate further understanding and knowledge.

Have a faculty resource or grant opportunity you would like to share? Email Anastasia Emelianoff or call 843.953.7366.

Faculty Research and Development

Faculty Research and Development Committee

  • Faculty Research Grants
  • Faculty Professional Support Grants

Liberal Arts and Sciences Small Grants Program

Liberal Arts and Sciences 2013-2014 Small Grants Program

The president has set aside $24,000 for the Liberal Arts and Sciences 2013-2014 Small Grants Program in support of innovative teaching and learning in the liberal arts and sciences. A faculty committee regularly solicits and reviews proposals and determines awards.

Harry and Reba Huge Foundation Faculty Development Grant

Harry and Reba Huge Foundation Faculty Development Grant

The Harry and Reba Huge Foundation has awarded a grant to the College of Charleston to encourage and support faculty members in developing teaching and research projects that are related to the country of Estonia.   The overall goal of this initiative is to establish an ongoing relationship with the country of Estonia and to encourage student involvement.  

International Opportunities

Center for International Educationthe Center for International Education (CIE) at the College of Charleston is the coordinating office for all international activities. 

Fulbright Scholar Program

Sabbatical Program

Sabbatical Program

Office of Research and Grants Administration

  • Find research opportunities
  • Academic grant matching funds for external grants requiring a match
  • Monitoring for potential grant sources
  • Dissemination of grant announcements

Support for New Faculty

Support for New Faculty from the Department, Dean, and Provost may include:
  • Start-up funds
  • Moving expense assistance
  • Special Programs

Departmental resource information should be obtained from your Department Chair about:

  • Departmental research budgets
  • Departmental travel budgets
  • Departmental start-up funding for new faculty

Information about Deans' discretionary budgets should be obtained from your Department Chair and School Dean for:

  • Indirect cost sharing accounts
  • Regular budgets

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities
  • Academic Year Research Awards
  • Major Academic Year Support
  • Research Travel Grants
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Awards

Nationally Competitive Fellowships for Students

Graduate School