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A College of Charleston education is a personalized education. We offer 62 majors and 79 minors. As an undergraduate, you'll have the freedom to mix and match your academic interests to create a unique, intellectually stimulating course of study. 

Explore the List of Majors, Minors, and Other Programs currently offered at the College. For specific program requirements, reference the official College of Charleston Catalog, which includes details about our Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education requirements. 

Academic Schools

The College of Charleston is a mid-sized university made up of seven separate schools. Through our general education curriculum, students typically take classes in each school. We also have an Honors College, a School of Professional Studies, and our graduate school, the University of Charleston. Learn more about each school and about additional academic opportunities below. 

Additionally, academic programs are coordinated by the Graduate SchoolHonors CollegeCenter for International Education, and our North Campus

School of the Arts

School of Arts

The School of the Arts faculty is made up of professional artists, musicians and arts administrators who, along with its 900 majors and talented graduate students, are a source of artistic inspiration to the rest of the campus and the Charleston community. Majors: art history, music, studio art, theatre and dance, arts management, historic preservation and community planning; graduate programs: teaching the performing arts and arts management.

School of Business

School of business

The School of Business programs help students develop the skills they’ll need to enter the workforce right after graduation – whether they choose to remain in the area or move on to major markets around the globe. Majors: accounting, business administration, economics, finance, hospitality and tourism management, international business, marketing; graduate programs: MBA and accountancy.

School of Education, Health, and Human Performance

School of education

The School of Education, Health, and Human Performance prepares undergraduate and graduate students for successful careers in early childhood, elementary, middle level, secondary and special education. Through majors in physical education, public health, athletic training and exercise science, the health and human performance department focuses on the whole person, i.e., both mind and body.  

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

School of humanities

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is the largest of the College’s six schools. It encompasses nine departments (communication, English, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, anthropology and religious studies) as well as a popular program in urban studies. Together, they offer a dozen undergraduate majors, 25 minors and four graduate programs.

School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs

School of language

The School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs is home to the most comprehensive undergraduate foreign language program in the Southeast. The school offers majors in three foreign languages (Spanish, French and German) and Classical studies, as well as majors in Latin American and Caribbean studies, Jewish studies and international studies. In addition, students can study six “critical languages” (Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese and Russian), as well as Greek, Latin, Portuguese and Italian.

School of Professional Studies

school of professional studies

The School of Professional Studies (SPS) offers numerous opportunities for professional advancement through programs in continuing education, online learning and skill development, and English language instruction. Whether you’re looking for a new job, or want to advance in your current role, hone your skills or simply complete your undergraduate degree, SPS has programs that will meet your needs. We can help you prepare for the MCAT and LSAT exams, and for certification as a CPA or customs broker. We also offer programs in executive education, which include advanced leadership training.  

SPS is conveniently located in North Charleston, where our state-of-the art facilities and superb faculty will enable you to accomplish your professional objectives.

School of Sciences and Mathematics

School of Science

The School of Sciences and Mathematics consists of six departments (biology, chemistry and biochemistry, computer science, geology, mathematics and physics and astronomy), which offer 12 undergraduate majors and five graduate degree programs. Students have access to advanced resources such as Grice Marine Laboratory, S.C. Space Grant Consortium, Geographical Information Systems Lab and Project Oceanica.

Honors College

School of honors

In the Honors College, approximately 700 motivated students from across the nation and around the world live, learn, and grow together while pursuing their unique interests and goals. The Honors College curriculum challenges students to view the world from multiple perspectives, and student experiences range from small, seminar-style courses to study-abroad opportunities, internships, research, and service projects at home and around the globe.

Graduate School

grad School

The intimate scale of the Graduate School programs, and the support of the professors, emphasize personal attention and foster a unique camaraderie between faculty and graduate students. In addition, Charleston is a next-generation city and a unique setting in which to conduct research. Diverse ecosystems, a wealth of historic data, an entrepreneurial business community and a thriving arts scene provide a living laboratory for many of our graduate programs.


The Marlene and Nathan Addlestone Library is the region’s top research library. This modern, three-story facility has a holding capacity of one million volumes, seats 1,400 people and has 300 computers, including dozens of laptops that can be checked out and linked up to the building’s ubiquitous wireless network. The College of Charleston Libraries also include the following:

General Education Program

The Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education requirement serves all students, regardless of major, and assures that students are exposed to a breadth of intellectual inquiry distributed across seven areas of the curriculum: HistoryHumanitiesMathematics and LogicForeign Languages, Natural ScienceSocial Science, and Writing.

Additional Distinctive Opportunities

International Education, including Study Abroad Exchange Programs

Continuing and Professional Education

Nationally Competitive Awards

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

Convocation, including The College Reads! program

High School Student Dual Enrollment program

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To view a printable list of academic programs, please reference the CofC Majors Report and CofC Minors Report. More information is found in our Student Handbook and the Program of Study Resources (aka "Roadmaps for Majors and Minors").