Distinguished Service Award

The College of Charleston Distinguished Service Award is made to a roster faculty member or administrator during the spring semester. The Distinguished Service Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of a colleague who, beyond his or her required duties, has a sustained career of serving the college community in an outstanding and distinguished manner. The recipient is recommended to the Provost by an ad hoc committee appointed by the Provost and including five former recipients of the award and the Student Government Association President or a representative from the Student Government Association appointed by their President. The award is a framed certificate and a cash award. 

No faculty member may receive this award more than once.

  • Established:  1983
  • Number of recipients annually:  one
  • Committee Co-Chairs: Jim Deavor (deavorj@cofc.edu) and Devon Hanahan (hanahand@cofc.edu)
  • Award:  $1500 and a framed certificate


The Distinguished Service Award recognizes the outstanding contribution of a colleague who, beyond his or her required duties, has a sustained career of serving the college community in an outstanding and distinguished manner. Roster faculty members and administrators are eligible for this award that recognizes outstanding service to the College of Charleston. Nominators must be faculty members. Letters of nomination should describe fully the ways in which the nominator finds the candidate to have given unusual and distinguished service to the College and provide examples whenever possible. Nominations should be seconded by at least one additional faculty member, who may co-author the primary nomination letter or write a separate letter of support. Letters of support should be collected and submitted with the original nomination; up to three letters of support may be submitted. The committee will solicit materials from the nominee, including a narrative (up to 1500 words), a current CV, and additional materials as the committee sees fit.

All letters of nomination must also include: 

  • the name, title and department of the person being proposed for the award; 
  • the name, address and phone number of the nominator; and
  • the name of the award.  

Deadline: Sunday, January 29, 2023

Nomination Link: Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form

Questions about the award or criteria? Contact our Faculty Affairs Coordinator, Estee Gabay (gabayel@cofc.edu) or the committee co-chairs. Technical difficulties with the nomination form? Email faculty-awards-group@cofc.edu.

Award Recipients

1983 - Harry W. Freeman - Biology
1984 - Gerald W. Gibson - Chemistry
1985 - Maggie T. Pennington - Biology
1986 - George E. Heltai - History
1987 - Thomas A. Palmer - Political Science
1988 - Elizabeth M. Martin - Chemistry
1989 - Malcolm Cameron Clark - History
1990 - Jeffrey Alan Foster - French
1991 - Susan J. Morrison - Biology
1992 - Norman Olsen, Jr. - English
1993 - W. Hugh Haynsworth - Math
1994 - Michael S. Pincus - Languages
1995 - David S. Mann - Political Science
1996 - Michael P. Katuna - Geology
1997 - J. Fred Watts- Physics
1998 - Caroline C. Hunt - English
1999 - Martin Perlmutter - Philosophy and Religious Studies
2000 - William V. Moore - Political Science
2001 - Marion T. Doig, III - Chemistry and Biochemistry
2002 - Samuel M. Hines, Jr. - School of Humanities and Social Science
2003 - George E. Haborak - Student Affairs
2004 - Sylvia Gamboa - English/Summer School
2005 - Douglas Friedman - Political Science
2006 - Robert Mignone - Mathematics
2007 - Jack D. Parson - Political Science
2008 - Hugh T. Wilder - Philosophy
2009 - C. Michael Phillips - Library
2010 - Lynne E. Ford - Political Science
2011 - Julia L. Eichelberger - English
2012 - Mitchell W. Colgan - Geology and Environmental Geosciences
2013 - Joseph P. Kelly - English
2014 - Lynn Cherry - Communication
2015 - Vincent L. Benigni - Communication
2016 - Bernard Powers - History
2017 - Simon Lewis - English
2018 - David E. Desplaces - Management and Marketing
2019 - Devon W. Hanahan - Hispanic Studies
2020 - Amanda Ruth-McSwain - Communication
2021 - George Pothering - Computer Science
2022 - James P. Deavor - Chemistry and Biochemistry
2023 - Kathy Béres Rogers - English