William V. Moore Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Award

The College of Charleston William V. Moore Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Award is made to one roster faculty member during the spring semester. The William V. Moore Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Award honors faculty members who have been selected by their peers as exemplifying the teacher-scholar model. The recipients' exemplary scholarship and exemplary teaching have enriched the intellectual lives of our students throughout their careers. The recipient is recommended to the Provost by an ad hoc committee appointed by the Provost and consisting of five recent recipients of the award. The award is a framed certificate and a cash award. 

No faculty member may receive this award more than once. Faculty members who receive this award are not eligible for consideration for the Distinguished Teaching Award or the Distinguished Research Award for the first five (5) academic years after receipt of this award.

  • Established:  2001
  • Number of recipients annually:  one
  • Committee Chair:  Tim Carens (carenst@cofc.edu)
  • Award:  $1500 and a framed certificate


The William V. Moore Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Award honors roster faculty who exemplify the teacher-scholar model and whose exemplary scholarship and exemplary teaching have enriched the intellectual lives of our students throughout the recipient's career. Nominators must be a faculty member(s) and letters should describe how the individual is outstanding among other excellent teacher-scholars, providing specific examples whenever possible.  Nominations should be seconded by another faculty member who may co-author the primary nomination letter or write a separate letter. Letters of support should be collected and submitted with the original nomination; up to three letters of support may be submitted. Additional materials will be requested directly from the nominees by the committee and will include a current CV and a narrative (up to 1500 words) highlighting exemplary scholarship, exemplary teaching, and summarizing or listing student mentoring activities, including publications with students, student presentations, supervision of summer research activity, bachelor’s essays, etc.

All letters of nomination must also include: 

  • the name, title and department of the person being proposed for the award; 
  • the name, address and phone number of the nominator; and
  • the name of the award.  

Deadline: Sunday, January 29, 2023

Nomination Link: William V. Moore Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Nomination Form

Questions about the award or criteria? Contact our Faculty Affairs Coordinator, Estee Gabay (gabayel@cofc.edu) or the committee chair. Technical difficulties with the nomination form? Email faculty-awards-group@cofc.edu.

Award Recipients

2001 - William V. Moore - Political Science
2002 - George E. Dickinson - Sociology and Anthropology
2003 - Michael R. Tyzack - Studio Art
2004 - Franklin Ashley - Theatre
2005 - Robert J. Dukes, Jr. - Physics and Astronomy
2006 - Lisa Thomson Ross - Psychology
2007 - Simon K. Lewis - English
2008 - Angela C. Halfacre - Political Science
2009 - Susan E. Farrell - English
2010 - Christopher A. Korey - Biology
2011 - Amy N. Langville - Mathematics
2012 - Pamela Riggs-Gelasco - Chemistry and Biochemistry
2013 - Sorinel A. Oprisan - Physics and Astronomy
2014 - Jennifer Cole Wright - Psychology
2015 - Wendy Cory - Chemistry and Biochemistry
2016 - Joseph Kelly - English
2017 - Courtney J. Murren - Biology
2018 - Beth L. Sundstrom - Communication
2019 - Michael L. Larsen - Physics and Astronomy
2020 - Melissa Hughes - Biology
2021 - Tim Carens - English
2022 - Matthew T. Rutter - Biology
2023 - S. Morgan Hughey - Public Health

The award was named in 2009 for its first recipient, William V. Moore, Professor of Political Science, who was still an actively teaching faculty member at the time of his death.  He also received the South Carolina Governor’s Professor of the Year Award (1997) and the College of Charleston’s  Distinguished Teaching Award (1981), Distinguished Service Award (2000), and Distinguished Advising Award (2001).