Abstract Guidelines

By following these suggestions, you will increase your chances of being accepted to present at the EXPO.

1. The body of the abstract should be limited to 250 words

2. You will need to work with your faculty mentor to finalize the abstract.

3. The abstract should be a clear and concise snapshot of the project that addresses your rationale, methods, outcomes and broad implications for your work.

4. The reader will not likely be in your same discipline, so it is best to limit jargon and acronyms in your abstract.

Poster Printing

Please submit your poster as soon as possible for printing. The deadline to submit your poster for printing is March 30, 2023.

Complete this form to have your poster printed by School of Sciences and Mathematics. Check out the Poster Printing Guidelines. 

  • Note: Your school will cover the cost of printing your poster. We will bill your school directly.  

If you missed the deadline for printing, please reach out directly to Shelly Brew (brews@cofc.edu) to see if your poster can still be printed.

An alternate option for printing close to campus is FedEx Office Print & Ship Center (73 St. Philip St.). You will be responsible for covering the cost of printing your poster at FedEx. 

To include your school or department logo on your poster, visit the logo google drive (go.cofc.edu/logo). Note: You must be signed in to your College of Charleston issued google account to access the logos. If you have trouble accessing the google drive, read this knowledgebase article or email Betsey Geier