Academic Standards and Student Support Services

  • Academic Advising and Planning Center (AAPC) prepares undergraduate students to navigate all aspects of academic planning by promoting an atmosphere that encourages self-exploration and resource utilization in support of academic success, as well as the timely and informed pursuit of an academic major.
  • Program of Study Management (POSM) system is an electronic workflow that allows undergraduate students to manage their degree program(s) online.  The POSM channel is located on the Academic Services tab in MyCharleston.  Students can use this system to declare/add/undeclare majors and minors; change, add, or remove a cognate, concentration, or track; change degree (BA, BS, or AB); update a major/minor catalog year; declare/add/undeclare an undergraduate certificate. 
  • Degree Works is a web-based degree audit application and academic advisement tool that provides a clear and convenient method for students and advisors to track degree progress. It is intended to assist students in reaching their academic goals and achieving a better understanding of degree requirements.   
  • Center for Student Learning (CSL) provides comprehensive academic support programs for College of Charleston students as they strive for excellence in learning, while promoting student leadership and development through peer education experiences. Annually, 45 percent of the student population uses CSL services.
    • CSL's Walk-in tutoring labs are available to students for Accounting, Spanish, Math, Writing, Science, Business Statistics, Computer Science and Speaking. By appointment, individual tutoring is available in select courses, including but not limited to Foreign Languages other than Spanish, Economics, Psychology, and General Studies. A series of study skills workshops is offered each semester that covers various study skills topics to help students learn effective study techniques, in addition to one-on-one study skills appointments with a CSL staff member.  Supplemental Instruction (SI) is also available through study groups led by trained student leaders who schedule study sessions to help students in historically challenging introductory courses.
  • Center for Academic Performance and Persistence (CAPP) handles matters related to the academic well-being of all undergraduate students and enforcement of standards/policies in the Undergraduate Catalog. CAPP can assist with Academic probationDismissal Due to Academic DeficiencyAcademic StandardsWithdrawing from courses including Petitions for Late Withdrawal and Leave of Absence and Complete Withdrawal requests; First Year Impact Programs; Conditional readmission and the STEP Program; and Three-year transfer option for readmitted students.

  • Student Health Services (SHS) is available to students 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and information about additional hours and services is provided online.

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