International Faculty Resources

The Center for International Education (CIE) provides specialized services required to facilitate the hiring of international employees and serves as a resource for information regarding immigration and the hiring process. CIE provides the technical visa services in connection with coming in to the United States. While we are primarily responsible for the College's J-1 Exchange Visitor Program and for processing of H-1B visas, CIE is the best resource for information on all matters pertaining to international scholars' status. Permanent Resident petitions are handled by the the Office of the Provost and Office of Legal Affairs. 

NOTE: If you are not currently eligible to work in the U.S. or need assistance transferring your eligibility to the College, please contact the Center for International Education and your department chair to discuss the College's requirements as soon as possible.

For International Faculty Outside the U.S.

It is recommended that you notify your department chair or program director, if possible, at least six months in advance prior to entry into the U.S. Your department/program may work with the Office of the Provost and CIE to obtain the required visa.

For International Faculty Already in the U.S.

As soon as possible, please notify your department chair or program director to discuss the process to change your status or change your employer.

Important Deadlines for New Faculty Hires Seeking Permanent Residence

For most teaching positions, the U.S. Government has an 18-month deadline for permanent residence sponsorship. The countdown begins from the date of the offer letter, not when the offer letter is signed. Requests for permanent residence sponsorship by CofC must go through the Office of the Provost and Office of Legal Affairs. Please contact your department chair or program director to learn your department/program's procedures for initiating the request and review the Office of the Provost's Procedure for Sponsorship of Faculty Member for Permanent Residency.

Important Information for Faculty with Non-U.S. Degrees

If you have academic credentials from non-U.S. institutions, you will be asked to submit a foreign credentials evaluation and translated transcript (if original is not in English) to your department. The College of Charleston does not evaluate foreign academic transcripts in-house. A U.S. equivalency evaluation must be provided. Please go to the Faculty with Non-U.S. Degrees webpage for detailed instructions and a list of approved agencies.

Contacts for International Faculty Assistance

Questions may be directed to Melissa Ochal ( or Andrew Sobiesuo ( or with the exception of permanent residency sponsorship questions, which may be directed to Deanna M. Caveny ( or, as needed, our Office of Legal Affairs.