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Faculty Club at the "Faculty House"

The Faculty Club is is an informal, non-profit association of faculty members from the College of Charleston that provides access to the "Faculty House" (first floor of 20 Glebe) and morning coffee. 

Faculty Athletics Club

Faculty are encouraged to participate in and attend our Athletics events. Please contact the Faculty Athletics Club representative Vince Benigni for more information. 

Institutional Diversity and Affinity Groups

The Office of Institutional Diversity strives to transform our campus community into an inclusive living, learning and working environment where students, faculty and staff are affirmed regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, ability or place of origin. Please view the Diversity Resources and our Inclusive Learning Environments Presentation (ppt) and Pointers for Professors (doc).

Through the Staff Advisory Committee, all faculty and staff are invited to join other campus members who are taking on the charge to form culturally affirming spaces across campus through our affinity groups.


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