Research, Development, & Service

Faculty research, development, and service are essential to a faculty member’s ability to carry out the College’s educational mission. 

The College of Charleston's teacher-scholar model emphasizes the interconnection between ongoing scholarship and creative activity to teaching and the intellectual life of faculty and a campus. We offer several programs to support faculty research, development, and service. Research and development involve the various activities that increase the faculty member’s knowledge and that exemplify scholarly or artistic expertise.  It includes, but is not limited to, original contributions to the discipline, creative activities in practice and performance in the fine arts, research in pedagogy, and appropriate studies within and outside one’s specialties.  The professional educator undertakes research for scholarly or creative production, to maintain currency in the content of courses taught, and to improve pedagogical techniques.  The professional educator sustains professional contact with colleagues and engages in continuing professional activities to upgrade and augment existing skills or develop new ones. Service to the College and/or the community also falls within the responsibilities of a faculty member. Service includes holding departmental offices, serving on departmental committees, and participating in campus and community activities related to the College and to one’s professional role. For additional information and resources regarding faculty research, development, and service please use the information provided below. Also, please reference the relevant sections of the Faculty/Administration Manual. To record your faculty research, development, and service activities, please open the Faculty Activity System via the link provide in MyCharleston.