Spring 2021 Resources

Close connections between faculty and students are at the heart of the College of Charleston academic experience.

Our goal is to maintain this point of pride to the extent possible while also providing a safe and healthy environment for all students, faculty and staff. Department chairs, faculty, and academic advisors are working closely with students to optimize their class schedules.

  • One week prior to the start of classes, faculty will make class syllabi available to students electronically.
  • Spring 2021 Course Guide (guidance on in-person; in-person, hybrid; online synchronous; and online asynchronous courses)
  • Spring 2021 Academic Calendar (note: the calendar specifies that only classes that normally meet on Thursday should meet on the last day of full semester and Express II classes on Wednesday, April 21.  This date is a make-up day for Thursday, March 4, which is a “Review and Study Day”: no classes.  Therefore classes that meet on M, T, W or F do NOT meet on Wednesday, April 21.)
  • Classroom Policies