As outlined in the College of Charleston's Policy on Course Syllabi (PDF), all syllabi must include the 13 components as listed under Section 3.0 “Mandatory Syllabus Content” that begins on page 2. For Section 4.0 “Recommended Syllabus Content” on pages 3 and 4, you may consider the 14 components listed. Remember that syllabi “must be created and distributed at the beginning of the enrollment term for every course section at the College of Charleston”.  For sample language you may use for both “Mandatory” and “Recommended” content, please consult:

Sample Syllabi Statements (DOC)

For Fall 2020, please note that the College's Back on the Bricks Plan states, "Department chairs, faculty and academic advisors are working closely with students to optimize their class schedules. One week prior to the start of classes, faculty will make class syllabi available to students electronically." Fall classes are scheduled to begin August 25, 2020. Remember that per the Acting Provost’s memo on August 10, 2020, the absence memo process will not be used in AY 2020-21, and therefore documentation for student absences should not be requested.

Course grading scales vary by faculty member. Some but not all departments have adopted a common grading scale. Check with your department chair or program director for specifics. View Current Undergraduate and Graduate Final Grading System.  As a reminder, the Faculty Senate voted to eliminate the WA grade effective fall 2020.

Sample Syllabi

Course syllabi that meet the College's requirements: