Professional Learning Clubs (PLC)

A Professional Learning Club is a faculty-led group that meets to collaboratively reflect on and improve their teaching practices and is hosted by TLT.  It involves examining the relationship between teaching practices and student outcomes and then evaluating those practices using the students’ work.  These learning clubs will consist of 4-6 faculty who will take the year to explore, implement, and reflect on specific, empirically-grounded instructional strategies.

Resilient Teaching and Learning *NEW*

Complete with a hybrid course checklist for before, during and after the course; a database of open education, multimedia and technology resources for courses; and a list of the various social-distancing classroom capacities across campus – not to mention an ever-growing number of tutorials on everything from modifying a syllabus for hybrid courses to creating an engaging final week – the website takes a comprehensive approach to preparing CofC faculty for the unplanned.

Find out more about the Online Learning Consortium’s Innovate Virtual Conference sessions, including how to access recordings of them for free.

Library Assistance

Instructional Support

Distance Education Readiness

In order to teach an online course for CofC (even if you’ve taught online at other institutions), you will need to fulfill certain requirements and training. These requirements help ensure that CofC faculty are providing the highest quality online courses to students. Please review our DE Requirements and the information about our DE Readiness training and DE Mentoring programs hosted through TLT.

Teaching and Course Observations

TLT is available to sit in on one or more of your classes and conduct observations that you can use to reflect on and possibly improve your teaching.  We are also available to review your OAKS course for your online teaching.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Small Grants Program

The Committee for Innovative Teaching and Learning in the Liberal Arts and Sciences, with support from the Office of the Provost, is soliciting proposals for small grants aimed at supporting innovative teaching at the College of Charleston. All continuing roster and adjunct faculty are eligible for the program. No faculty member will receive more than one grant per academic year. The maximum grant amount for this program is typically $1,500 in a single academic year, per faculty member. The minimum grant will be $500. Faculty receiving grants are expected to provide a final report following the grant period. Faculty who have received grant funds in the past must include a final report for that project with any subsequent application.