Faculty Training Requirements

Please complete the following online training sessions on your own anytime within the first month of the semester. All required trainings on CougarEd will be assigned to you after HR has created an account for you in the system. 

College of Charleston Privacy Policy – Log into CougarEd to begin course*

The College of Charleston is committed to the responsible use of information, which includes protecting personal and business data from unauthorized use or disclosure. You are required to read, understand, and comply with the College's Privacy Policy. This short video is designed to help you understand your obligations under this policy.

FERPA Online Training and Assessment – Log into CougarEd to begin course*

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended, is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all educational agencies and institutions that receive funds under any program administered by the U.S. Department of Education. Under this Act, students have specific, protected rights regarding the release of such records. It is imperative that College of Charleston employees with access to student education records comply with FERPA and protect these records according to the law. The Office of the Registrar provides detailed information on their FERPA webpage regarding requirements and release forms. Additional details regarding FERPA can be found by visiting the U.S. Department of Education Family Policy Compliance webpage. 

If you are a College of Charleston employee or school official with access to student education records, you are obligated to comply with FERPA and to protect those records according to law. It's the right thing to do. Our students depend on us to keep their academic information confidential. A CougarED course has been developed to provide users with a baseline knowledge of FERPA. Once you enter CougarEd, search the Catalog for "FERPA" to enroll in the course and complete the FERPA quiz. The course includes a FERPA overview and FERPA Quick Tips. Once you have completed your review, take the online FERPA quiz. A score of 70% or higher is considered passing. You may take the quiz more than once. If you have not passed the CougarEd test in over 12 months, please complete it.

Discrimination and Harassment Prevention – Log into CougarEd to begin course*

    The objectives of this course are to:

  •   Give you tools to recognize and respond to potential discrimination, harassment and retaliation
  •   Provide guidance on how you can help prevent discrimination and harassment 
  •  Understand campus resources available to help you, fellow employees, and our students 

Sex Discrimination and Harassment Prevention – Log into CougarEd to begin course*

    The objectives of this course are to:

  • Understand what conduct is prohibited under our policies
  • Identify campus resources available to help you, your colleagues, employees, and our students
  • Prevent sexual misconduct before it occurs by identifying problematic behavior
  • Empower you to safely address sex discrimination and other forms of sexual misconduct 

DiversityEDU modules – Log into CougarEd to begin course*

This DiversityEDU program for faculty and staff is divided into three parts and focuses on engagement with diversity, communication for inclusion, and the influence of unconscious bias. The robust, interactive module is meant to educate faculty and staff about situations they may encounter at the College and how to prepare for them and handle them better. “When there are these unseen obstacles, you kind of hold back what your strengths might be,” says Rénard Harris, CofC’s vice president of access and inclusion and chief diversity officer. “We want to unleash the beautiful side of ourselves. Those attributes — the ones that make us unique — could really enhance the community.” 

To access DiversityEDU, employees may log onto CougarED and either search for "Faculty and Staff: Personal Skills for a Diverse Campus” or locate the course under "My Courses." Employees will also receive an email notification for this course once it has been assigned to you in CougarED. (DiversityEDU modules for all existing faculty should have been completed by June 30, 2021. For new faculty, please complete within the first month of the semester.)


Workplace Violence Policy – Log into CougarEd to begin course*

    The objectives of this course are to:

  • Understand college policy pertaining to workplace violence
  • Know how to recognize and report workplace violence
  • Know where to find additional resources to help you and other employees 

Run. Hide. Fight. ™ [1]Log into CougarEd to begin course*

This video is intended to help you respond and survive should a violent event occur.  This information is provided and based on the Department of Homeland Security and FBI's latest instructional materials. This video provides you with some key steps to follow should you find yourself in a crisis situation similar to the one portrayed. 

[1] The phrase "Run. Hide. Fight." is a registered trademark of the City of Houston.

IT Security Awareness Assessment

Developed by SANS, one of the most trusted sources for information security training, these IT security modules will help you better understand your role with safeguarding our institution's most sensitive assets. From knowing how to better spot phishing scams to improving your mobile device security, you will come away with a clear picture of how to enhance your everyday habits and heighten your awareness. Completion of this training is mandatory.

You will receive an email to your CofC email account with an invitation to this module via Cougar Ed

Additional Training & Setups

State, College, and Faculty Policy Acknowledgements

In accordance with the laws of South Carolina, you are considered a “public employee” of the State.  In that capacity, you are subject to the State’s Rules of Conduct for public employees and others who serve the interests of the public. A copy of the Rules of Conduct and information about the Rules can be found on the website of the South Carolina Ethics Commission at ethics.sc.gov/rulesofconduct.  If you have any questions about these ethical standards, or related conflicts of interests, please feel free to submit your inquiry to the College or to the State of South Carolina Ethics Commission. 

You are encouraged to review and become familiar with the campus wide policies contained in our Faculty/Administration Manual and on our website at policy.cofc.edu, Policy List, particularly those in Section 7: Faculty and Unclassified Administrators. 

As an employee of the College of Charleston, you will be required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, whether they be Federal, State or local, as well as College policies including, but not limited to, all Human Resources policies, procedures and regulations. You will be required to submit a Policy Acknowledgement Form on or before your first day of work. 

Submit a Policy Acknowledgement Form to HR on or before your first day of work. Online forms may be available through HR.

Technology Training

During your New Faculty Orientation, Information Technology's staff will provide an overview of their services. The Registrar’s Office will also present an introduction to faculty services in MyCharleston, and Teaching and Learning Team (TLT) department introduces technology services that are available to faculty, including OAKS, our learning management system.  

If you are unable to orientation, please visit TLT's Eventbrite calendar to view the full schedule and sign up for a training session. Please see our section below about OAKS and Classroom Technology. You can also contact your instructional technologist to set up a consulting session.

For ongoing training and professional development, TLT provides a series of training sessions through out the year. The College has several additional applications available to faculty (e.g. PollEverywhere, Voicethread, Kaltura, Blogger, Prezi, Google Apps for Education), and you can view the list of CofC campus-wise software licenses. The TLT Tutorials and Apps Blog is an excellent resource for these campus-wide software applications and has detailed OAKS instruction. You are also welcome to review the Top 10 questions from New Faculty.

For other general IT questions, please contact IT via the College's Helpdesk.

OAKS - Learning Management System

OAKS is the College’s learning management system and is built on the Desire2Learn Brightspace platform.  The online course environment provides tools that help foster collaboration and communication, and facilitate learning outside the classroom. 

Open OAKS at https://lms.cofc.edu. Bookmark this page.

Alternatively, to access OAKS go to MyCharleston at my.cofc.edu. Log in with your CofC username and password. Click on the OAKS acorn icon in the upper right toolbar.

For additional OAKS support, visit http://blogs.cofc.edu/tlttutorials/oaks/ or contact your instructional technologist to set up a consulting session.

Classrooms Access Codes and Technology Training

The College of Charleston has over 200 technology-enhanced teaching/learning spaces available, and recent enhancement related to our COVID-19 safety and virtual teaching needs. Academic room assignments are designated by the Registrar’s Office (RO). To enter a technology enhanced classroom, you will need either a combination code or access card to open the door. Classroom Access Codes are available on your Faculty tab on MyCharleston, and Academic Room Access Cards can be obtained from department chairs. In addition to door access, you must also get a key from your department chair or director to open the teacher workstation, which contains all the technology equipment.

Visit Classroom Technology to learn:
    • How to enter a classroom
    • What technology is or is not in the room
    • How to use the technology in the classroom

Campus Wireless Network Configuration

All faculty, students, and staff should use the CofC-Secure EDUROAM wireless network. Please do not connect to the COFC-GUEST. This wireless network is reserved for guests.

To automatically connect your phone, laptop, or device to the CofC-Secure Eduroam wireless network, please run the configuration tool at: http://wireless.cofc.edu on that device. 

Trouble connecting to the campus wifi? Contact IT Service Desk.

CofC Office 365 Accounts

Office 365 is the latest version of Microsoft’s productivity suite, and includes Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, SharePoint, OneNote, and more. It is available for offline and online. Office 365 and it's applications are the platform for the College's intranet and internal collaboration. The official, new intranet will be released later this year. 

  • Use with OneDrive for automatic device syncing. Staff receive 1 TB of storage.
  • Gain valuable skills on the world’s most popular productivity software
  • Use the same programs as your colleagues to ensure file compatibility
  • Co-author files in real-time. Share files with personalized access controls.

You can find all Office 365 services available using your by using your @cofc.edu email address and password at the portal page: https://portal.office.com.

  1. Go to https://portal.office.com and type in your @cofc.edu email address.
  2. Use your password that is used for all other CofC services. (multi-factor authentication is required)
  3. Click (or tap) on the Office 365 app launcher  iconoffice365 app launcher icon to see the menu of Office 365 web apps and services that are available to you. You can click on the app launcher icon while in any Office 365 web app to easily switch between applications.

Email access:

  • For active Staff and Faculty, email is provided using the campus Exchange mail system, accessible via https://outlook.office.com/mail/inbox.
  • For all active Students and Alumni, Cmail, powered by Google, is the College's student email system. 

If you already have an Office 365 account set up, please review the MFA security settings on your account. You are required to provide two methods for the College to digitally authenticate your identity, called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Common methods include receiving a text and using an authenticator app, such as Google Authenticator App or Microsoft Authenticator App.

If you recently added an authenticator app to your device and need to update your MFA settings, please complete the following: 

  1. Open the security verification page for your user: https://aka.ms/MFASetup
  2. Check the Authenticator app box, and click the Configure button.
  3. Click the Configure app without notifications URL
  4. Now scan the QR code with your app and configure like normal.


*All required trainings on CougarEd will be assigned to you after HR has create a new employee account for you and an email reminder to complete them will be sent to your College email.