Attendance Verification & Grade Submission Deadlines for Faculty

Regulations governing federal financial aid require accurate attendance data. Students are not eligible for federal financial aid if they are not enrolled and attending classes. The institution is subject to regular audit by Federal regulators, and if information is not recorded at the institutional level, auditors will require it from individual faculty. When faculty do not keep accurate records of attendance, the College must return a significant amount of money to the federal government. In addition, the returned money becomes a past due balance on the students’ bill, resulting in registration holds and, in some cases, the involvement of a collection agency. 

Please noteOnly students officially registered (graded or auditing) for a course may attend class.  A student attending class but not appearing on the official class roll must be added to the class no later than the close of Attendance Verification as listed on the Academic Calendar.  Additions to the Grade Roll forms can be found under the Faculty Tab in MyCharleston. Attendance verification is entered on the Final Grades page. Please read the instructions with screenshots for a step-by-step process on verifying attendance online, and see the dates below. Additions to the roll after the deadline will require the permission of the Provost.


In lieu of the College requiring all faculty to record and report attendance daily, faculty are asked to provide information at the following three points during the term (listed below and on the Academic Calendar).

Beginning of Term - Verify Attendance

All faculty must verify “attending” or “never attended” during the two weeks following Drop/Add by taking regular attendance. This is intended to identify and remove from the roll any student who has never once attended your course. In the past you were required to download and submit a paper “deletion from the grade roll” form. Now you are able to do this electronically using a special column created in “final grades” on the Faculty Tab in MyCharleston. You will have one week to enter this information. For faculty not in the habit of taking attendance, you may elect to use a sign-in sheet, any one of several apps for attendance, the attendance function in OAKS, or any other method you think has a reasonable chance of identifying students who have never once attended.

Date(s)* Description
Tuesday, September 8
  • Attendance Verification for faculty opens in MyCharleston via Final Grades.
Tuesday, September 15
  • Attendance Verification for faculty closes at noon.

Midterm Grade Submissions

Midterm grade submission is required for all undergraduate courses (excluding individual enrollments). Midterm grades are advisory and not permanently recorded in the student’s record. The deadline for midterm grades is positioned 7 days in advance of the last day for students to withdraw. Although there are many good reasons for submitting midterm grades, doing so is essential to the attendance verification process because it provides a second institutional data point one week prior to the 60% point in the semester. After 60%, the student has earned the entire federal financial award and no return is deemed necessary.

Date(s)* Description
Monday, October 12
  • Express I final exams for M/W classes.
  • Full semester Midterm and Express I Final grading open to faculty.
Tuesday, October 13
  • Express I final exams for T/R classes.
  • Undergraduate missing and incomplete grades for all Summer 2020 sessions convert to a grade of "F".
Tuesday, October 20
  • Class Roll Verification for Express II opens and should be handled via Addition or Deletion from the Grade Roll form to be submitted by faculty.
  • Midterm and Express I final grades due at noon.

Final Grade Submissions: F Requirements

When final grades are entered, a grade of F requires that you enter the last date of attendance or “academic activity” (a quiz, an exam, work submitted, in-class work).  If a student has attended all semester but performed poorly and received the grade F, simply enter the last day of class or the day of the final exam (if you gave one).

Date(s)* Description
Tuesday, December 8
  • Full semester and Express II final exams begin.
  • Full semester and Express II grading open for faculty.
Monday, December 14
  • Full semester and Express II final exams end.
Wednesday, December 16
  • Full semester and Express II final grades due by 5:00 pm (EST). Faculty must submit a Change of Grade Form after the deadline.
Thursday, December 17
  • Final grades for full semester and Express II classes available to students on MyCharleston by 5:00 pm (EST).
  • Graduate missing and incomplete grades for Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 sessions convert to a grade of “F”.

Questions about attendence and grading deadlines? Contact the Associate Provost for Curriculum and Academic Administration, Mark Del Mastro (

Grading System

The College of Charleston Undergraduate and Graduate Grading Systems are available at

Grades are available to students in MyCharleston beginning with the date set on the academic calendar for the term specified.

COVID-19 Spring 2020 Grading Policy Information and Deadlines

The COVID-19 Spring 2020 Grading Policy included a new grade option and an extension to the course withdrawal deadline. For more information and FAQ's please view the COVID-19 Spring 2020 Grading Policy on the Registrar's Office website. Faculty may also view the Announcement about the new Spring 2020 Grading Policy (March 29, 2020). Detailed instructions are online at

*All dates are subject to change (e.g. for weather/emergency related date changes). All changes will be posted on the Academic Calendar as the definitive sources of information on academic deadlines.