CIP Codes

Classification of Instructional Programs

The National Center for Education Statistics designed the Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) "to provide a taxonomic scheme that will support the accurate tracking, assessment, and reporting of fields of study and program completions activity." The 2010 edition (CIP 2010) is the fourth and current revision of the taxonomy. Instructional programs are classified by a six-digit CIP, and the taxonomy is further detailed according to the two-digit and four-digit prefixes of the code. For example, "European History" has the six-digit code 54.0103, which places it in "History" (CIP 54.01) and "History" (two-digit CIP 54). Another example is "Geometry" which has a six-digit code 27.0104, which places it in "Mathematics" (CIP 27.01) and "Mathematics and Statistics" (CIP 27). Please use the links below to browse or search the CIP listings. 

CIP Codes

College of Charleston's Instructional Programs

Listed below are the College of Charleston's instructional programs (aka academic programs) and corresponding CIP codes for degrees and certificates offered. Degree requirements are outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog, the Bachelor of Professional Studies Undergraduate Catalog, and the Graduate Catalog

Academic Program Memos on Faculty Degrees (aka "Credentials Memos"): For each academic program, the College defines the degree level that is considered terminal and articulates disciplines that the College should consider equivalent to each program’s discipline for credentialing purposes. Copies of each academic programs' memos are available in the appendices of the Credentials Policy. Please review the Office of Academic Affairs 2015 memorandum ("RE: Request for terminal degree and discipline lists") for details about this process and about the submission of academic program memos on faculty degrees. Please contact Office of the Provost's faculty credentials staff support at if you have any questions or need additional information.