Faculty Recruitment

The College uses PeopleAdmin Talent Management System® for recruitment

The College of Charleston actively seeks to attract a diverse group of faculty who will help students excel academically and who will encourage individuals to thrive while engaging in original inquiry and creative expression in an atmosphere of intellectual freedom. Information on this page is provided for our departmental/program use in recruiting faculty. 

For Prospective Faculty

Prospective faculty are encouraged to visit our Academic Recruiting page and apply online at https://jobs.cofc.edu.

For Search Managers and Search Committees

Please complete the steps outlined in the Faculty Recruitment Procedure to successfully recruit roster and visiting faculty for new and existing vacancies.  College of Charleston faculty recruitment is initiated via the College’s PeopleAdmin™ Online Recruitment System. All departments and programs are required to submit an online "Posting Request." Special instructions are provided in the procedure for Math, English, and Modern Language disciplines' faculty searches which are permitted to collect application in external systems. Also, special instructions are also included for requests for expedited visitor searches that are initiated after May 1. Please also review our Strategic Diversity Recruitment Information. Please contact facultysearch@cofc.edu for assistance.

GO TO: PeopleAdmin for Internal Use (jobs.cofc.edu/hr/sso)
GO TO: PeopleAdmin for Applicants (jobs.cofc.edu)

Other Faculty Appointments

What paper forms or additional documentation are required?

Initiating a Search: No paper posting requests are required. Please use PeopleAdmin to submit "Posting Requests" (replaces AA-1 and REHA forms). 

Conducting interviews: Prior to arranging in-person interviews, currently you still need to submit a paper Request for On Campus Interview (AA-2) for searches run via PeopleAdmin, MathJobs, or Interfolio. (Coming soon: AA-2 will be integrated into PeopleAdmin.)

Requesting to hire: No paper hiring requests are required. To request to appoint your selected finalist, you must complete the online Hiring Proposal for any search conducted in PeopleAdmin. For MathJobs or Interfolio only, please submit a paper Request to Appoint (AA-3) instead since you do not have applications in PeopleAdmin.

Offer to reimburse moving expenses: With any request to appoint, you must submit an Approval of New Employee Relocation/Moving Expense. This is required for all faculty positions offering reimbursements.

Conducting an expedited visiting faculty search/hire: If approved, submit a Faculty Recruitment Request & Plan (AA-1) (or download the Word version .DOCX). This is only used for approved expedited visitor hires that cannot be done in PeopleAdmin.

Conducting a search outside of PeopleAdmin and collecting applicant data: Check with EEO about using the Confidential Applicant Data (EEO) - only used by Math/MLA IF applicant data is not already being collected by Mathjobs.org or Interfolio.

If a supplemental letter is issued: View the Policy on Supplemental Letters for Newly Appointed Faculty.

If the prospective hire will request sponsorship: View the Procedure on Sponsorship of Faculty Member for Permanent Residency.

If the new faculty member will have released salary: View the Policy on Released Salaries from External Grants and Contracts.

Related Procedures, Policies, and Forms

Questions? Need help using the PeopleAdmin's online recruitment system? Contact facultysearch@cofc.edu