Adjunct/Teaching Effort Appointments

The College uses two different forms to process appointment of a faculty members' teaching efforts: the PDF adjunct appointment form or the online Workflow Teaching Effort form

Please reference the Adjunct Appointment Memo regarding instructions for the following:

  • adjunct faculty appointments for any teaching duties,
  • staff pay for adjunct teaching duties,
  • affiliate faculty on courtesy appointments with teaching duties,
  • zero-pay teaching appointments (EDPD)
  • zero-pay teaching for joint program instructors (Citadel and Clemson),
  • retired faculty who return to teach, and
  • roster faculty overload pay for teaching duties.

For new employees, HR asks that faculty who have never taught as an adjunct faculty member at CofC before be processed on the PDF form instead of TE, even if they have a CWID. 

Please reference detailed information about using Workflow and HR related forms at the following links: