Academic Job Application FAQ

The following frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs) were created to assist people applying to faculty positions at the College of Charleston.

If you have additional questions about a faculty position, please contact or the contact person listed directly on the job posting.

If you have questions about staff, temporary, or any non-faculty positions, please contact or the contact person listed directly on the job posting. 


How do I apply for a faculty position?
Apply online at and choose "Faculty Positions."

What is PeopleAdmin? 
PeopleAdmin is the name of the College of Charleston's online recruitment system found at

Who do I contact if I have a general question about my application?
Contact the Search Committee contact person listed in the job posting - OR - Contact the Faculty Search Coordinators at 843.953.5527 or email

Who do I contact if I have a specific question about the job posting?
Contact the Search Committee contact person listed in the job posting.

If I have questions about using the online application system, such as uploading a document or changing a completed section, what should I do?
Please refer to the appropriate FAQ section below to answer your question or contact the Faculty Search Team at 843.953.5527 or email


Is the online application system accessible to individuals with disabilities and to disable veterans?
Yes, the College of Charleston has taken measures to ensure that its on-line job application system is accessible. We have the following available: 

If I have questions or need special accommodations during the online application process, what should I do?
Contact Julie Trexler in Human Resources at 843.953.5512 for special accomodations or email the Faculty Search Coordinators at your question. Further instructions about accessibility are listed in the employment notifications section on PeopleAdmin. 

If I am hearing impaired, do you have a method of contact? 
Yes, contact our TTY phone line at 843.953.4874.

If I do not have access to a computer but would like to file an online application, what should I do?
The College will provide you free access to computers that are available in the atrium immediately outside of the Human Resources Office located at 160 Calhoun Street, Lightsey Center Room B36, Charleston, South Carolina, 29424.

If I am disabled and cannot file an online application, may I still apply?
Yes, disabled persons may also apply by mail or in person.  For further information on how to apply in person or by mail, and how to receive personal assistance when completing an application in person, disabled persons, including disabled veterans, you may contact the Faculty Search Coordinators at 843.953.5527 or


How do I specify my reference providers?
You will provide the contact information for your reference providers during the online application process. Referees will be contacted by the search committee to submit letters of recommendation electronically directly into the PeopleAdmin system. Applicants should not attach pre-written reference letters to their online application. 

Can I use my Interfolio account to submit my letters of recommendation?
Interfolio provides you with a unique e-mail address for each letter of recommendation. You need to obtain that address from Interfolio and enter it in the section of your online application that requests your reference provider's e-mail address. Complete instructions are available at  the Interfolio Help Center. Please contact Interfolio directly to inquire about this option. Otherwise, you may simply include your referrees' contact information, and they will be contacted electronically to submit their letters of recommendation via our PeopleAdmin portal directly.

If I need to change a reference providers I listed on the application I submitted or if I have a question about them, what should I do?
Contact the Faculty Search Team at 843.953.5527 or email

How are reference providers contacted?
Applicants include email addresses for reference providers on their online application. After the application is submitted, our system automatically sends the reference provider an email that includes a personalized link where they can upload or write their reference letter for the applicant. Depending on the search committee's preference, referees may be contacted immediately after your apply or later in the search process. 

If I use a dossier service, such as Interfolio, to send reference letters, can I include these in my online application?
Yes, please have your dossier service email the reference letters (only for the referees listed on your application) to the Search Committee contact person listed on the job posting or to if no contact person is listed. Please note that if you supply an email address for your referee on your online application, the referees will still receive an automatic email request from our system when you submit your application with a personalized link where they can upload or write their reference letter for the applicant. 

When are letter of recommendation due?
All faculty searches run on different schedules, and search committees may choose to view reference letters at different stages in the search. Reference providers receive an email request for the letter immediately after the application is submitted and are asked to submit letters in a timely manner. If you know that your recommender will not be able to respond in a timely manner, you may want to contact your search committee or the Faculty Search Team to discuss this issue.


What do I do if I a document upload fails?

  1. Confirm that your browser type is supported.
  2. Confirm that your document file type is one of the following:
    • Microsoft Word document files of type: .doc, .docx.
    • Adobe Acrobat files of type: .pdf. ("Secure PDFs" are not accepted. See #5.)
    • Rich text files of type: .rtf, .rtx.
    • Text files of type: .txt.
    • Images of type: .jpeg, .jpe, .jpg., png, .tif, .tiff.
    • Excel files of type: .xls and .xlsx.
  3. Mac users: If your filename does not include a file extension (i.e. . docx for Microsoft Word, or . pdf for Adobe Acrobat) you will need to rename it to include the extension. To rename: Ctrl+click on the file and select Get Info. Click in the Name and Extension field. Add the appropriate extension and press the Return key. When prompted, select  Add.
  4. Confirm that the file size of your letter is less than 12MB. If you are uploading your reference as an image file that is over 12MB, opening the image in an image editing application and resaving it may reduce the image size. Taking a screen shot of the image and saving it as a new image file may also help reduce the file size.
  5. Confirm that your file does not have security restrictions placed upon it. Many official eTranscripts are marked "secure." The system cannot accept security restricted files. Please remove all security restrictions ("unlock" it) before uploading.  An alternative low-tech option is to print the document, rescan it as a PDF, then upload.

Still having trouble uploading a document? Email