Professional Development

Professional development involves the various activities that increase the faculty member’s knowledge and exemplify pedagogical or artistic expertise.  It includes, but is not limited to, research in pedagogy, appropriate studies within and outside one’s specialties, and creative activities in practice and performance in the fine arts.  Instructors maintain currency in the content of courses taught and in pedagogical techniques.  They sustain professional contact with colleagues and engage in continuing professional activities to maintain, upgrade, and augment existing skills or develop new ones. The College of Charleston offers numerous professional development opportunities including, but not limited to, those listed below. 

Faculty Writer's Retreat 

Do you have an ongoing writing project or plans to initiate a new one? The Office of the Provost sponsors several writer's retreats for faculty over the course of the academic year. In selecting participants, preference will be given to faculty preparing for a major review and new faculty establishing a writing program. All instructional faculty members are welcome to apply, including adjunct faculty and fulltime staff who also serve as adjuncts (provided your staff supervisor approves of your participation and consequent leave or absence from your regular duties). Last year, 51 faculty members participated in at least one of the Faculty Writers' Retreats! Please view below for dates of the Faculty Writers' Retreats, and any open applications.

Annually, we offer four opportunities for ALL INSTRUCTIONAL FACULTY to participate in the Annual Writer's Retreat:

  1. Fall Break Writer's Retreat - October 14-15, 2019, Completed.
    • Application closed.
  2. Winter Break Writers' Retreat (post Fall exams) - December 12-13 and 16-18, 2019. Completed.
    • Application closed.
  3. Spring Break Writers' Retreat - March 16-20, 2020. 
  4. Summer Break Writers' Retreat (post Spring exams) - May 13-15 and 18-20, 2020. 
    • Application will open in late Spring 2020.

GO TO: Application for Upcoming Writer's Retreat

Writers Retreats provide:
  • a private room in Addlestone Library (or the Education Center during library construction) for one’s exclusive use away from the distractions of one’s office. Each room includes a table, Aeron chair, white board and access to the internet and printing.
  • a key for your private room for the duration of the retreat.
  • snacks and beverages in a common room throughout the retreat.
  • group lunch at noon on each day of the retreat.
  • available reference staff for assistance.
  • a supportive collegial environment to focus exclusively on one’s writing.  

In return, each selected participant agrees to write, but not grade, check email or social media, or leave the retreat for other meetings. As past participants have concurred, arriving at the retreat with very specific writing tasks, whether conceptualizing and drafting a new manuscript or completing final revisions to a long-standing work, will allow one to maximize this opportunity.

Selected participants must bring all materials needed for the writing project, to include one’s laptop as no computers are provided.  Participants sign in by 8:30am to begin their work. If one has a collaborator on campus, both may apply separately, or one may apply and invite their collaborator to join them for a portion of the retreat. Each participant is expected to focus only on writing for at least 6 hours daily.

Applicants will be notified in advance in order to plan accordingly. Past participants are welcome to apply again.  Preference will be given to faculty preparing for a major review (tenure or promotion), new faculty establishing a writing program, and faculty in transition.

Teaching, Learning & Technology (TLT) Programs

TLT offers a wide variety of faculty professional development programs and services to all faculty at the College.  To browse TLT programs and services please visit  You can also view a calendar of upcoming programs and sessions by visiting Each year in March, TLT hosts the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference, the next generation of the Faculty Technology Institute (FTI), designed to bring together expertise from across campus, spotlight teaching excellence, and provide a space for idea sharing and networking, sponsored by the Office of the Provost. Over the past fifteen years, this conference has evolved into one of the most successful faculty development programs on campus. The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference will allow TLT to continue offering outstanding faculty development but to a broader audience. TLT is excited to provide this opportunity for greater campus discussion and collaboration about pedagogy. Check out some of the sessions that are offered on our schedule or download the #TLTCon Guidebook App. Because registration is FREE, seating is limited. Please register online once the future conference dates are announced.

» Contact your instructional technologist: If you’d like to learn more about TLT, we encourage you to contact your Instructional Technologist (see contact list at  

» Attend The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference: Submit an online registration form. The deadline for registration has passed. Please check back later for details about the 2017 conference. 

One-on-One Consultations with your Instructional Technologist

Faculty members often hear about a Web 2.0 solution or new technology tool for instruction or research, but they are unsure what it is, how it works or how they can use it effectively in their teaching. TLT is available to meet with faculty to determine which new technology may best solve their teaching challenges, regardless of whether they occur in your face-to-face, online, or hybrid courses. TLT can also help by creating customized student tutorials to help facilitate the use of the technology.The Instructional Technologists of TLT endeavor to meet the unique needs of each faculty member to achieve his/her technological and pedagogical objectives: innovation, life-long learning, pedagogy, collaboration and assessment.We provide hands-on, one-on-one consultations (by appointment) for faculty either in their office, the Faculty Technology Center, or their classrooms. These consultations can range from OAKS instruction to solving a pedagogical need you have in your teaching.  Just contact the Instructional Technologist for your school to schedule an appointment.

The L.I.V.E. Studio (Educational Technology Resources for Faculty)

The L.I.V.E. Studio (Lightboard Interactive Video Engagment), located on the third floor of the J.C. Long Building (9 Liberty St.) room 323, provides educational technology resources for faculty.  Users can access specialized equipment, computers and software and obtain assistance from an Instructional Technologist. This is a valuable resource for faculty who wish to apply innovative technologies to their teaching strategies, assessment practices, and research endeavors.  Learn more about the L.I.V.E. Studio.

Faculty members may reserve the TLT L.I.V.E. Studio in order to film lectures along with the use of our high-quality video cameras, green screen, lightboard and lighting equipment.

Training and Workshops on Teaching Strategies and Tools

TLT offers small-group training sessions on a regular basis.  These sessions offer training on various teaching strategies, apps, tools, and technologies that may be used to further instruction and research in the classroom.  Also offered are trainings covering the usage of OAKS and classroom equipment.  Learn more about our training sessions.

Online Tutorials

TLT offers written and video tutorials on a wide variety of tools and technologies via the Tutorials blog.  Learn more about the online tutorials.

OAKS Training

OAKS is the College’s learning management system and is built on the Desire2Learn/Brightspace platform.  Instructional Technologists can meet with Faculty one-on-one to help set up courses in OAKS, troubleshoot OAKS issues, etc.  Small group trainings are also offered frequently.  Furthermore, extensive documentation and tutorials are available on TLT’s blog.  Learn more about our OAKS training.

Teaching, Learning, & Technology Conference (TLT Con)

Held over spring break, The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference brings together expertise from across campus, spotlights teaching excellence, and provides a space for idea sharing and networking.   TLT Con is delivered in a conference style format during which participants choose sessions that are the most attractive and relevant to their own professional development. Session types will include panel presentations, spotlight sessions, working groups, and a keynote address. During and in-between sessions there will also be spaces where participants can continue the conversation with colleagues and reflect on their own teaching practices.  Learn more about TLT Con.

Distance Education Readiness Course

This course is an 8 week professional development opportunity that guides faculty through best practices and technology tools in online education.  Participants will spend time in each module formulating content for their personal course.  Learn more about the DE Readiness Course.

Faculty Professional Learning Clubs (PLC)

A Professional Learning Club is a group of faculty that meet to collaboratively reflect on and improve their teaching practices. It involves examining the relationship between teaching practices and student outcomes and then evaluating those practices using the students’ work. These learning clubs will consist of 6-8 faculty who will take the year to explore, implement, and reflect on specific, empirically-grounded instructional strategies.  Learn more about the Professional Learning Clubs.

First Year Experience (FYE) Workshops

The First Year Experience program provides faculty an opportunity to develop new course ideas and challenge themselves by working with first year students in an alternative and interactive way. To support faculty in this program, FYE holds various workshops for pedagogical conversations that focus on teaching first years, writing, and integrating new themes across disciplines. Each year, we host the FYE Writing Across the Curriculum Workshop, a week-long summer workshop offers faculty the opportunity to meet in a small group setting with colleagues from across the campus to discuss and explore how writing can be used in classes from our many diverse disciplines. While it is supported by the FYE program, the workshop is open to all faculty on campus. More than 70 Faculty from all disciplines have participated in this summer workshop – come see what all the excitement is about! 

» Workshop Dates: Go to

» Apply for a workshop: Interested faculty should email the Director of FYE with the items below or go to to apply for a specific workshop. 

      • A concise statement about how participation will impact the faculty member’s teaching of writing in their courses or how they imagine using writing as mechanism to promote deep learning in their course (500 Word Limit).

      • A summary of the types of writing assignments currently given in their courses.

Monday Morning Mentor

The Monday Morning Mentor series delivers 20-Minute Mentor programs once a week for 16 weeks in the fall, 16 weeks in the spring. 

Faculty receive an email invitation each Monday (password included). Monday Morning Mentor packs an impressive amount of practical information into a fast, focused format that covers traditional & online teaching as well as administrative issues. Each video is brief enough to fit busy schedules, but long enough to deliver valuable, actionable content. In only 20 minutes, a critical topic that affects the higher education landscape is effectively and efficiently covered, leaving you with actionable insights and information to take back to your campus.

View Spring 2020 Schedule

What's Up Wednesday

The What's Up Wednesday series delivers weekly news you can use from the Offices of Academic Affairs and the Registrar.

Faculty receive an email each Wednesday from the Associate Provost for Curriculum and Academic Administration. W.U.W. provides timely messages about academic affairs, including but not limited to, grading deadlines, important academic calendar milestones, changes in academic administrative policies and procedures, curriculum management timelines, and other important information. 

Look for emails from in your faculty inbox. 

Adjunct Faculty Development

The Office of the Provost supports adjunct faculty development opportunities that are offered by schools, departments, and programs. Please contact your department, program, or school for information. . 

» Apply for funding: Chairs, Directors, of school coordinators may apply for funding for a development activity (e.g. refreshments and adjunct faculty compensation) using the Adjunct Professional Development Funding Authorization form and Adjunct Professional Development Transfer of Funds form. Submit the signed authorization form and any supporting documentation to the Office of the Provost ( at least 1-2 weeks PRIOR to the Adjunct Professional Development. Academic Affairs will review the request, complete Section 4, and return the form to allow the department/program to proceed with Section 5 for the preparation of payments and the transfer of funds.