Professional Service to the Community

Service to the College and/or the community falls within the responsibilities of a faculty member and is essential to the fulfillment of the College’s responsibilities to the academic community and to the attainment of institutional goals.  Each faculty member is expected to cooperate in supporting the mission and the goals of the department and the College.  Service includes holding departmental offices, serving on departmental committees, and participating in campus and community activities related to the College and to one’s professional role.  It also includes involvement with standing or ad hoc committees of the College, and special committees or task forces.  Service includes working with student organizations and non-academic advising; working with community, state, regional or national organizations; utilizing professional expertise; and working on institutional advancement projects. Also, please reference the Institutional Definition for Research and Community/Public Service (memo) for additional information.

For additional opportunities, please contact your school. Examples of resources provided by each school are provided below.