Cascade CMS

Cascade is College of Charleston's web content management system (CMS).

Before you begin updating any CofC website, please familiarize yourself with the College's Website Policy and Brand Manual, Visual Identity and Style Guide with attention to the Website Standards. Also, please review IT's Cascade training. If you have questions about getting access, please submit a request for access via IT and read or watch the College's basic training. If you would like additional tips, please feel free to reach out to other webmasters at the College, including Anastasia Gilpatrick ( in Academic Affairs. 


5 Step Process to Publishing (Going Live)

  1. Upload any new Assets (image / document files) to Site in the appropriate folder ("images" / "documents" folder)
  2. Edit the Page where you are adding these assets 
  3. Preview & Review your edits in a Draft (run spellcheck)
  4. Submit (Save) your edits
  5. Publish the Page when you are ready

To ensure that website users are given a strong and unified impression of the College and its departments, the website should reinforce the College’s brand identity through visual and stylistic consistency. The College's Brand Manual (links below) outlines best practices for web communications and other digital communications. 

The Office of University Marketing is responsible for ensuring that all webpages are consistent with the brand and visual identity standards with the College's Brand Manual. Information Technology is responsible for the maintenance and support of the software. All design variations developed by internal units of the College, or by outside vendors, must be approved by both University Marketing and Information Technology Divisions. 

Questions about website brand identity standards, contact the Office of University Marketing.

For additional web services information, please contact the College's Department of Web Services.